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Besides protecting the future of your loved ones, life insurance also protects you and helps you achieve your financial goals, facilitating a dignified and comfortable life in old age.

Depending on your needs and objectives, one of the following insurances will be right for you.

Term Life Insurance: (Temporary need) With this insurance, you get protection for your family in case of death for a certain period, which could be 10 or 20 or 30 years. You don’t have any cover of financial savings for your old age,  and this is usually the most affordable life insurance.

Whole Life Insurance: (Permanent need) Provides coverage for an individual's entire life. You keep your family protected in case of death. In addition, you will generate savings that will allow you to make withdrawals or loans of money when you need it, and you will get better fiscal advantages than if you decide to save by traditional mechanisms.
Income Protection in case of death
Did you know that by paying an additional amount, you can get benefits like Income Protection? This product lasts 10 years and protects your family in case the family's income provider dies. It guarantees that your family will continue receiving the income you provided for a period of time while they recover financially from the loss.   

What kind of insurance is right for you?


Offers level premiums for a stated term.
Offers level premiums for the insured's lifetime.
Protects for a limited period (10, 20, or 30 years).
Protects for the insured's entire life (normally to age 120).
Do not build a cash value. 
Builds a cash value that accumulates.
Offers a lower premium.
Offers a higher premium.
Designed for young families with temporary needs.
Designed for lifelong needs or to cover final expenses.
Contact Ligia Quevedo to know more about all our products
and the benefits you can get from them.
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