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Ligia Quevedo - Accident & Supplemental Health Insurance

With our supplemental health insurance, you can protect that part of your health that your basic coverage is not covering.

Are you concerned that your current health coverage may be insufficient in the face of events such as a critical illness like cardiovascular disease, stroke, or cancer?  Are you worried about having an accident that requires intensive care or a short-term or long-term disability and not being able to work and generate income? 

We offer the following products: 
  • Accident-only policy.
  • Hospital Indemnity.
  • Cancer Protection (cancer only policy)
  • Critical Illness (limited policy).
For a small additional premium, you can assure you and your family for unexpected events that your primary coverage will not cover. 

You should think about the difference between financial security that eases your financial burden and financial hardship that increases your and your family's worries.

Contact us to explain more about our products and the benefits you can get from them.
Contact Ligia Quevedo to know more about all our products
and the benefits you can get from them.
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