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"We are a team of leaders with high vision and strategy, deep understanding of  financial markets and the insurance industry. We are pleased to assist you."
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Ligia Quevedo

Financial advisor. Bachelor of Administration. Since childhood, she has been very passionate about finance, sales, marketing and insurance. In 2015, she emigrated from Venezuela to the United States with the vision of becoming a businesswoman. She began her commercial career in the financial services industry in Chicago. Since then, she has been paving her way to get ready and fully dedicated to fulfilling her dreams in this sector. 

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José Baptista from Ligia Quevedo Insurances

José Baptista

Financial advisor. Real State investor. Master degree in Business Administration, Bachelor in Chemistry,

  associate, and husband of Ligia Quevedo.

Together they have specialized in insurances

and obtaining the highest quality standards to satisfy the needs of their clients in the financial field, investments in land acquisition, and construction projects.

Ligia Quevedo - Insurances

Why choose

Ligia Quevedo logo
Ligia Quevedo logo

We are a highly trained team that knows well how to offer excellent customer service and tailored plans.


We put at your service our futuristic and innovative ideas, leadership, valuable information,  and successful counseling in financial market to help you fulfill your needs in a planned way. We are pleased to help you.

Ligia Quevedo - Insurance agents

Ligia Quevedo: insurance agents.




Essential insurances for you


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Focus on you!
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